ゲンロン友の会 第8期
Season 8

¥ 8,500 ( ¥ 9,180 ) ~

数量 / Quantity
Applying for auto-renewal will automatically renew your membership when the next Season begins at your current membership Level by charging the membership fee for that Level to your currently registered credit card. Auto-renewal will continue to apply past the next season. This service can be canceled at any time.


Genron is a humanities-focused media company founded by critic Hiroki Azuma in April 2010 that strives to bring about alternatives in publishing and education.
In the seven years since its founding, Genron has steadily continued to grow. We opened a space for live talks in 2013 (Genron Café) and began streaming videos of events held there. We have also started a dark tourism business, working with travel agencies to host visits to Chernobyl. We began holding educational programs in 2015, and we also published the first issue of Genron, our thrice-yearly bulletin in the same year. In 2016, we published the first issue of Genron Beta, our monthly magazine. In 2017, we published Hiroki Azuma's monograph A Philosophy of the Tourist, which went on to become a best-seller. Our activities at Genron have been discussed in various newspapers and magazines, and we now occupy a small but undeniable space within the Japanese press. For 2018, we plan to publish even more titles while also beginning to work together with organizations outside of Japan.
Genron Members is an organization founded in the summer of 2010 that is meant to support all of these activities. Not only do Members receive all issues of Genron and Genron Beta published over the course of a season (excluding special issues), they also have access to a variety of preferential services relating to our many talks and publications, receiving advance information, discounted admission, and more.
Hiroki Azuma believes that publishing and self-education in the future ought to take the form of "sightseeing knowledge," where one goes to places they would otherwise not go, meet people they would otherwise not meet, and think things they would otherwise not think. It is these kinds of "misdeliveries" that are the core nature of tourism, and we believe that it is Genron's mission to provide such surprises as a new kind of cultural knowledge.
The world has not passed philosophy by. Philosophy is the foundation of intellectual curiosity, and now that we are all in an age where we are connected to networks and able to freely move objects and information on a planetary scale, this kind of inquisitiveness is opening the door to brand-new possibilities.
We hope you will join Genron Members and experience what it is like to be on the front line of curiosity.



An all-inclusive VIP membership.


This is the highest level of membership offered, including year-long free entry to the Genron Café, physical and digital copies of all Genron publications released over the course of the season, all issues of Genron Beta delivered over the course of the season, discounted program entry, lounge admission, and invitations to dinners. Level 250 members are in fact closer to being friends of the company than being members. Feel free to visit Genron whenever you want.


The standard upper-level membership.


This is the standard upper-level membership, including physical and digital copies of all Genron publications released over the course of the season, all issues of Genron Beta delivered over the course of the season, discounted program entry, lounge admission, invitations to dinners, advance Café reservations, and Café seat reservations. As a gesture of our thanks for your generous support, your name will be published in the back of issues of Genron, and new copies will include a signature made out to a name of your choosing. This package is made for those who wish to comprehensively support Genron's activities.


A light version of our upper-level membership.


This light version of our upper-level membership includes physical and digital copies of all Genron publications released over the course of the season, all issues of Genron Beta delivered over the course of the season, discounted program entry, lounge admission, and advance café reservations. Level 30 members may also try our seat reservation service once each month. This entry membership is designed for those who want to read our newsletter and make use of advance reservations but are still not ready to take the leap into Level 50.


Not sure where to start? Try here.

※ 国外在住の方は書籍・ニューズレター郵送費実費として別途3000円を承ります。入会時には「クラス10国外」をお選びください。

This membership level provides significant savings on our publications, including 3 issues of Genron (a 7,000 yen value), their downloadable digital copies (ePub files), and 12 issues of Genron Beta (a 6,500 yen value) for just 10,000 yen. If you happen to live in the Tokyo area, this level also includes discounted entry to Café events (500 yen discount per event), discounted program entry, free child participation in Children's Programs, and other benefits. If you're unsure of where to start, we suggest beginning here. Mid-season upgrades are also available.
*Level 10 members living outside of Japan will be charged an additional 3,000 yen to cover publication and newsletter postage fees. Please select "Level 10 for Overseas Residents" if you do not live in Japan.


一般会員 上級会員
10 30 50 250
  • ゲンロン7-9(2018年1月、2018年5月、2018年9月刊行)印刷版および電子書籍版
    Genron 7-9 (Published in Jan. 2018, May 2018, and Sep. 2018): Printed and Digital Version


  • ゲンロンβ(毎月配信)
    Genron Beta (Sent Monthly)


  • ゲンロンカフェ 入場優待
    Discounted Genron Café Admission


  • ゲンロンカフェ 最前列席予約
    Front-Row Genron Café Seating Reservations


  • ゲンロン友の会同人誌ライブラリー
    Genron Members Zine Library


  • ゲンロンカフェ イベント先行予約
    Advance Genron Café Event Reservations


  • ゲンロンカフェ 座席確保サービス
    Reserved Genron Café Seating Service


  • ゲンロンカフェ 入場無料
    Free Genron Café Entry


  • ゲンロンスクール受講優待
    Genron Program Enrollment Benefits

    ゲンロンは2015年度よりスクール事業を開始しました。第8期のあいだは「カオス*ラウンジ 新芸術校」「佐々木敦 批評再生塾」「大森望 SF創作講座」「ひらめき☆マンガ教室」「H.I.S. チェルノブイリツアー」の5つのプログラムを開設予定です。会員の方はいずれについても参加費の優待を受けることができます。また、上級会員の方は、非公開の「新芸術校」の講評会、「批評再生塾」の論文審査会などの観覧にご招待いたします。

  • ゲンロンスクール こども教室無料
    Free Children's Genron Program Admission


  • ゲンロンラウンジ
    Genron Lounge


  • 『ゲンロン』奥付に支援者として名前を記載
    Supporter Name Credits in Genron


  • パワーディナー(1月/7月)
    Power Dinner (Scheduled for January / July)